EX Design School Scholarship Terms and Conditions

This scholarship is awarded by Employee Experience Design School (EXDS) and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • This scholarship is granted to ______, who will be referred as 'recipient', and may only be used by the recipient for educational purposes.
  • The purpose of this scholarship is to learn the design principles and methodologies you need to transform traditional HR methods to design a workplace culture and experiences that are employee centred.
  • This scholarship is not a monetary deposit or payment to the recipient, it is a membership/subscription to the EXDS 12-month long educational course and subsequent community for the recipient to utilise.
  • Once the scholarship is announced and contact is made with the recipient regarding their receiving the scholarship, the membership/subscription will commence at 8am New Zealand time the following day.
  • The recipient’s email provided in the application form will be used for the subscription, along with their full name and a temporary password that the recipient can change at a later point if they wish. The recipient will receive their login details via the email provided by the recipient.
  • The recipient agrees that EXDS and Humankind can use their details, feedback and experience for future use – commercial or otherwise.
  • The recipient must fulfil the minimum requirements of this scholarship, of which include:
  • Completing all the lessons in the programme
  • Attending minimum of 10 weekly EXDS Zoom-community catch ups over the 12 months
  • Providing feedback on the experience for the EXDS website and any other chosen EXDS social media platforms. These two stages will be:
  • On receipt of the scholarship
  • Midway through the lessons/programme
  • Completion of the lessons/programme
  • If the recipient does not meet the minimum requirements outlined in this agreement, their membership will be revoked and/or the recipient will have to pay the full monetary value at which their 12-month membership cost, unless extreme circumstances hinder the ability to complete these.